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Downtown 101 Avenue
Commercial Hotel
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Edmonton Bridges
Alberta Legislature
Mcleod Building
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Welcome to David Aaron Photography.  My photography is devoted to producing very high quality images of Edmonton portrayed in a way that has
simply not been done before.  You are looking at original compositions consisting of both real-life and artistic perspectives.  My library of images go well beyond what you see here.  Please contact me if there is something that you are looking for that is not shown here.
Thank-you and enjoy!

Garneau Theatre
An evening rain storm.
Built by Kenny Mcleod in 1915.  This photograph is a negative inverse giving the building a ghostly appearance.
The Commercial was originally constructed in 1912.  This sign is over 65 years old.
The Alberta Legislature.  Need I say more.  The NDP took office in May 2015 for the first time in Alberta's history.
Transmission lines.  Edmonton.
Transmission lines
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Whyte Avenue
The Low Level bridge was built in 1900.  In 1912 railway tracks were added, but have since been removed.  Bridge was doubled in 1949.
Low Level Bridge
High Level Bridge (2007)
Four Bridges.  5th Street Walterdale bridge; High Level; LRT and Groat Road Bridge. This Photograph was given to Oprah Winfrey during her 2013 visit to Edmonton.
Last of the Deco style theatres in Alberta.  It opened its door on Thursday October 24th 1940.   I will put your favourite movie title on the marquee for $25.
The Edmonton Auto Spring Works burned to the ground on March 21st  2010.  It had stood on this corner since 1923.
Edmonton Auto Springs
Parkdale Elementary School
Parkdale Elementary School was built in 1912.   It is one of 5 schools that closed in 2010.
Edmonton Fire Station
Edmonton Dragon Boat
Station #5 is one of the last standing fire halls with the old style hose tower.  It was decomissioned in September of 2010. The fire truck on the right was retired in 2014.  My collection includes Station 11 demolished 2014.  Station 6 (1949) and many others.
The High Level Bridge was completed in 1913.  The trolley lines were removed in 2009.  This is a limited edition print with only 50 made.  These have all been sold.
Mural from the 1940's.  Sweet Caporal's were produced for the Canadian market for nearly 125 years.  They were only recently discontinued in 2011.
Sweet Caporal
High Level Bridge (2012)
Power Plant:  Torn down in 2011 this image was taken during the forest fires which occurred a few years prior.
The Old Power Plant
Top 10 Finish
Visual Arts Alberta 2012
The Lemarchand Mansion  celebrated its 100th birthday a few years ago.  One of the first gas heated apartments in Edmonton.
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Lemarchand Mansion
Edmonton's river valley is one of its greatest charms.  Though winters can be cold, Edmonton is one of Canada's most beautiful cities.  I have a collection of stunning winter shots of Edmonton if you're interested.
Metro photo contest 2015
"Winter Walk"
Edmonton's river Valley
Honourable Mention 2015 International Spider Awards
The Princess Theatre
Previously the Klondike Theatre.  Please contact me for a copy of the Klondike theatre.
Nominated in the category
2016 International Color Awards
Winter scene of Edmonton's River Valley.
The Roxy burned down in 2013.  It will eventually be rebuilt.
Roxy Theatre
Edmonton Winter
Last of the old style pawn shops on 97 st.  Demolished 2016.
Pawn shop on 97 St.
This photograph was taken in 2009 prior to the construction of the arena.  I have other views of this area as well.
Built in 1961.  Demolished in 2009.  I also have photographs of the interior.
This is the ice district prior to the construction of the arena.  The Greyhound was demolished in May of 2016.
Sport EX
ICE District
ICE District 2
Official opening day of the Anthony Henday.  Southwest leg.  October 2007.   Take note of how few vehicles using the freeway.  I have other images of the Henday while under construction.
Anthony Henday
First day
October 2007
The Commercial and the Princess Theatre.  For a  time during the 1960's, the Princess theatre was a shoe store and  then ran as the Klondike Theatre until the late 1970's.  Please contact me if you are seeking a picture of the Klondike Theatre. Until now there were no known images of this theatre.
Technique:  Painting with Light.  April 2014.  I have various images of this scene taken over 10 years.
Canada Packers Smoke Stack
This is my signiture version of the High Level bridge taken in 2012 without the trolley lines.  This photograph comes hand signed.
Molson Brewery
This mural on the Shaw building has seen better days.  I also have a photo of the Shaw building with the mural from 1981.  My collection contains many city murals from over the past decade.
Edmonton Mural
Dragon boat racers taking a break along the North Saskatchewan River in 2011
This brewery closed down in 2009 due to a labour dispute.  The sign above the old tower which had stood for decades was taken down on May 1, 2017.  This area is now called the "Brewery District."  I have photos of this site going back to the 1960's
Anthony Henday Construction
North leg of the Anthony Henday under construction in 2009