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Oliver School
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Silk Hat "Open"
The Kiss
Silk Hat - Closed in 2008 after residing on Jasper Avenue for nearly 90 years.
Oliver School is one of Edmonton's oldest public schools. (1910)  It was named after prominent Edmontonian Frank Oliver.
Norwood School
Norwood Elementary celebrated its100th birthday in 2008.
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A romantic interlude. This photograph was taken some years ago in a local cafe which is now gone.
Faculty of Education
The Boyle Street cooperative provides educational services to at-risk youth in the Edmonton inner city region.  I have a considerable collection of local graffiti.
Boyle Street Co-op
Edmonton Restaurant
Scotia Place.
Scotia Place.
CPR Station 
City of Edmonton
Initially a fort, settlement began outside the fort in 1894.  In 1904 Edmonton became a city with a population of 5000.
Street Car #33 
Honourable Mention
Winner of McBain's 2011 Photography contest
Built in 1978 for the Commonwealth games.  This is where the Edmonton Eskimos play.  The stadium has since undergone significant changes since this photo was taken.
Commonwealth Stadium
Until a few years ago, this panhandler could  often be found at the base of connors hill.
Augustana Vikings win 2011/12 ACAC championship in OT
Winning Goal
This rare  image was taken prior to the fire that occurred in 2009.  This is now the site of the new Enbridge Tower.
Ramsey Kelly Block
High Level "stretched"
Street Car #33 was purchased from the St. Louis car Company in 1912.  It was rebuilt by the Edmonton Radial Railway Society and put into service in 2010.
Last of the old style pawn shops.  This was a bakery during the 1960's.  Demolished 2015.
Pawn Shop 97 Street
On March 23, 2012 Augustana Vikings beat NAIT to win their first ACAC championship since 1975.  If you look closely you can see the puck crossing the goal line.  Winning goal 2nd OT.  
Please note that this picture is very low-resolution.  High quality images are available by contacting me.
Originally a movie theatre built in the 50's, the Avenue once found life as a skateboard park.  Abandoned.  Photo taken in 2007.
Prior to the construction of the new bridge.  Watlterdale Bridge, baseball field and Epcor visible.
This is what the area looked like prior to the construction of the Ice District.  Please note this and all images on this page are low-res for the internet.
Rogers' Arena
Avenue Theatre
CPR railway Station built in 1907.  This station ceased operations in 1980 and has since served as a night club.  An example of classical and renaissance revial architecture.  This view has been lost to a condominium.
These trees lined Whyte Avenue for nearly 6 decade until they had to be removed due to disease and stress.  What few knew was that these trees were sitting over the old street car tracks.
Pharos closed its doors for the last time in June of 2009.  Pharos was named after a lighthouse located on Pharos street in Fleetwood, England.  This photograph is in honour of Barry Greenspan's memory who passed away during the summer of 2017.
This photograph was taken prior to the construction of the pedway in 2010.  I have a large collection of historic and recent photos of the U of A.  Please contact me for details.
Built in 1913, the Shaw building stands as a condominium.  It has one of the last few remaining murals left on its south wall in Edmonton.  This image taken in 2007 prior to its restoration.
Cobogo Lofts
Shaw buidling
This is what the Ice District looked like in 1987.  5th Street Overpass visible.
CN Tracks
This decades old  sign was taken down on May 1, 2017.
Edmonton Brewery District
Aerial View Downtown
July 2007
Edmonton in the evening.  I have a large collection of aerial photos of Edmonton from various high rises going back to the early 1960's.
Arena under construction.
Greyhound still operational, but has since been demolished.
Southside Edmonton.  These tracks were recently removed.
CP Tracks
Roger's Arena
Opened July 5, 1915 by the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway.  This building once dominated the Edmonton skyline
Macdonald Hotel
Image taken in 2010.  I have other images of the airport
Oil Derrick Gateway Blvd
Oil Derrick Edmonton
City Centre Airport
This replica oil derrick resided at Gateway Park for many decades.  Recently relocated
Daytime image of this oil derrick which sat on this location since the 1960's was recently relocated
Canada Day 2019.  I have images of  fireworks from other Canada Day celebrations
Fireworks Canada Day
Jewish Community Centre
Faculty of Dentistry
Tory Lecture Hall
Hub mall
Assinaboian Hall
Corbit Hall